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Backed by a team of highly-skilled, experienced health care professionals, Preferred Management provides services in a wide-range of health care financial and operational areas.

Hospital Management

Our core business.

As the health care services provided by Preferred continues to grow and evolve, one thing has remained the same since the company first opened its doors in 1987: Hospital management is our core business.

Over the years, Preferred Management has honed its ability to work with and for a wide range of communities, Boards of Directors, medical staffs and hospital personnel. As a partner in health care, we oversee the financial and human resources management of the hospital, as well as management of equipment, regulation oversight and even licensing. Additionally, we are experts in construction projects, bond issues, and formation of tax districts.

Preferred Management is also experienced with some services that are not routinely offered by all hospitals, such as psychiatric unit management, skilled nursing services, home health and hospice programs, free-standing outpatient departments and ambulance management.


Helping hospitals reach their goals.

Each hospital and clinic has different needs. With that in mind, Preferred Management offers a wide-range of consulting services, all of which are geared to help rural health care providers meet their goals.

Financial Services

Analytics and accounting advice.

Preferred considers its Financial Services staff to be one of the best in the health care industry.

Certified Public Accountants with years of experience in hospital financial management, auditing, cost reporting, and financial analysis are the backbone of our Financial Services team. The staff prepare and analyze monthly financial statements and compile annual Medicare Cost Reports. In addition the entire spectrum of Accounts Receivable Management, from charge posting to cash receipts, is overseen by the competent Accounts Receivable staff members. Assistance and review of accounts receivable provides local hospital staff with the support and direction needed to successfully manage billing, collections and cash flow.

Due to the level of attention the Financial Services staff provide on a routine basis, the financial management of a health care facility is analyzed and adjustments made on a more timely basis. This allows administrators to spend additional time on other functions of the health care facility while benefiting from the input, advice, and work of the Financial Services staff of Preferred.

Strategic Planning

Evaluate trends and identify obstacles.

As part of its management services, Preferred Management also provides strategic planning for hospitals to help boards to develop a plan of direction for the hospital.

The strategic planning process can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but most commonly is done in a board retreat setting or over a period of several shorter meetings at which the board can evaluate trends, indentify obstacles and opportunities facing the organization and develop a plan of action to better meet the needs of the community. When necessary, community focus groups can also be part of the strategic planning process, providing a mechanism to access community perceptions and secure community input.

Preferred Management’s strategic planner is a facilitator and coordinator with over 25 years of experience in marketing and strategic planning. Preferred Management brings an experienced staff to support the board in this critical aspect of remaining financially viable while addressing the health care needs of the community.

Rural Health Clinic Development and Management

Tailoring clinics to the needs of the community.

A critical component of Preferred's success is its ability to stabilize the local medical staff and recruit needed additional physicians and mid-level practitioners to the local community.

One mechanism that has proven beneficial to provider recruitment and retention has been the Rural Health Clinic. Federally designated Rural Health Clinics operate under a separate set of governmental rules and regulations and offer some latitude for personnel, particularly difficut to recruit personnel, in certain situations. Preferred Management has extensive experience in the development and operations of Rural Health Clinics and can help a community to determine if a Rural Health Clinic status is appropriate for a community. Preferred can also assist with the specialized management needs of Rural Health Clinics, including: implementing policies and procedures, conducting ongoing evaluations, staff education, preparation for on site surveys by agencies governing rural health clinics.

In addition, our experienced staff provides reports to the boards of each Rural Health Clinics and offers recommendations to ensure that, if implemented, the Rural Health Clinic operates in a manner that is beneficial to the community and hospital.

Interim Administration

Connecting hospitals with qualified CEO's.

From time-to-time rural hospital boards may find themselves without a hospital administrator.

With more than a combined total of 329 years experience in rural healthcare administration,  Preferred Management’s team has connections throughout the rural healthcare network to find qualified individuals to place as interim administrators.

Our interim administrators are prepared to step into the role of Chief Executive Officer for rural hospitals and clinics and offer assistance to hospital boards on a short-term basis to maintain operations until a permanent administrator can be placed.

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